How To Buy From Bargain Stock

Total price

First of all, the price is not negotiable and FOB base.
Please arrange your term on FOB or C&F / CIF.
If you want C&F or CIF, we will show the total price.
The ocean freight could be changed due to some situations, we need to confirm it everytime.

Pre-shipment inspection (JAAI, JEVIC, EAA, INTERTEK etc)

If the car needs to be taken to pre shipment inspection, the inspection fee will be added to the total price.

First come, first served.

Once we send the invoice, please deposit 100,000JPY by PayPal online service.
We do not reserve the car until confirming your deposit.

Purchasable situation

Unpurchasable situations

If your deposit arrives first and before the sales period expires, your purchase goes through. Even if you make a deposit, there are some unpurchasable situations, please note the following things,
1. When others reserves the car before your deposit arrival.
2. The sales period expires before your deposit arrival.

Full payment

Refund your remittance

Please transfer the balance to our bank account within 2 days. When unpurchasable situation, you can get your deposit back or use it for the other cars.


We will arrange the shipment on the eraliest schedule.

Dispatching the documents

We will send the shipping documents via EMS or DHL.
Note: (1) If you cancel this deal, we will not return your deposit.
         (2) We will charge JPY 7,000 from your remittance as a withdraw/transfer fee.
FOB - Free on board.
C&F - Cost and freight.
CIF - Cost, insurance and freight.
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